Sugar Sweet Scrub

This is a basic body scrub that can be used as is, or customized with any kind of scent you would like. The coarse sugars are very exfoliating and the oil leaves your skin silky soft. This makes a great gift, too. I don’t know that there is really a shelf life for this scrub, but I find it maintains its best quality if used within the first two months. A list of great oil combinations are listed below the recipe.

Ingredients & Supplies

  • 1 pint Mason jar
  • 1 part brown sugar**
  • 1 part raw sugar**
  • 1-2 parts oil (any mild, unscented oil like almond oil, EVOO, etc.)
  • Essential oils (optional)
  • 4 tbsp Honey (optional)
  • Herbs/spices (optional)

**Regular granulated sugar and/or sea salt can be substituted if necessary.


  • Blend sugars in container.
  • Add oil until sugars are moistened, but not soaked. There should be no standing oil, so add more sugar if necessary.
  • Stir in any oils, herbs or honey.**


  • If adding honey, be careful not to overdo it or your scrub will leave your skin sticky.
  • Oils vary in strength, so add in a little at a time, stir it in, and test the scent. Continue until you reach the intensity you are looking for.

Fragrance Suggestions

Sensual Orange

Spicy Vanilla

Lemon Lavender

Holiday Spice

2 parts clove oil

4 parts vanilla oil

4 drops lavender oil

1 tsp ground nutmeg

1 part orange oil

2 parts clove oil

1 part lemongrass oil

1 tsp ground allspice




1 tsp ground cinnamon

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