Tea Time in the Bath

This is a tea for the bath water, not for drinking! Bath teas can be wonderfully relaxing and they smell wonderful! The recipe below is for a basic bath tea, but there is a list of optional ideas below that can customize your bath tea. Most natural food stores carry these ingredients in their loose tea/spice area where you can purchase custom amounts, dried and food-grade quality for actual drinking.

This tea can be made in bulk, storing dry ingredients in a Mason jar. Add oils when preparing for use.

Ingredients & Supplies

  • Muslin tea bags (optional)**
  • Mason jar (optional)
  • bowl
  • 1 part dried loose lavender tea
  • 1 part loose chamomile tea
  • Essential oils (see table below for suggestions)
  • Miscellaneous herbs/loose tea (see table below for suggestions)

**Cheesecloths cut into washcloth-sized squares can also be used, as can super thin dollar-store washcloths. Once filled with the blend, secure tightly with a rubber band.


After blending the ingredients, this tea can be prepared/used in two ways, both listed below.

  • Blending: Mix dry ingredients in bowl. Add a few drops of oil and blend evenly. As much or as little oil can be added, to your personal preference.
  • Pre-brewing: Using 1 cup of bath herbs to 4 cups of water, bring tea to a gentle boil. Turn off heat and let the tea steep for 10-15 minutes. Strain out the herbs and add tea to your bath. Added benefit? The brewing process makes your house smell divine!
  • Bath steeping: Using a muslin bag (or alternative), fill it a little more than halfway and tightly secure it. Do NOT cram it full because you want the bath water to travel freely through your mixture. Toss it in the tub and enjoy!


Herb/Tea, & Oil Suggestions



rose hips

orange oil


clove oil

rose petals

lemongrass oil

African rooibois






*Using several drops of eucalyptus oil with a chamomile/lavender/mint blend is great for congestion.


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